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Signs For Collaboration

“Signs For Collaboration”… We are the living wave of humanity; what have we learned?

Services for the Internet Age

Many people entertain a hate-love relationship with their computer… We will keep it fun…

What are you working on right now?

Holger’s services: Productivity Coaching, GTD (Getting Things Done), Paperless Office, Project Management, Clutter-busting, Websites, Photography, Art & Education.


Local Pacific Grove couple works closely with individuals to design and build high quality websites.

If you are really starting from scratch and you don’t consider yourself computer/internet savvy, don’t be afraid. We can walk you through this from start to finish and help you understand the process.

If you have an existing website that is now dated and does not have the edit-ability and functionality you desire, we can take appropriate content from the site and put it into an updated site.


How do we unlearn unproductive habits… “It is not so much knowledge that we need, but rather inspiration to feel again the breath of the spirit.”


Inga Sheveleva (ink on silk), Monterey Peninsula, California.

Do not waste time merely wishing for things to get better.

The whole world is doing this and so no one is really happy. We miss the true life. In fact, happiness arises when you stop chasing for something other than your own pure nature. And this happiness remains with you…