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Original Art Filled Curiosity

Store & Services in Pacific Grove


“My wife told me to grow up…”

Elsbeth Foster

“A native of Berkeley, California, Elsbeth studied at the Staatliche Kunstschule in Bremen and at the University of California at Berkeley.

She has exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York as well as in Paris, France.”

Services for the Internet Age

Many people entertain a hate-love relationship with their computer… We will keep it fun…

What are you working on right now?

Holger’s services: Productivity Coaching, GTD (Getting Things Done), Paperless Office, Project Management, Clutter-busting, Websites, Photography, Art & Education.


Local Pacific Grove couple works closely with individuals to design and build high quality websites.

If you are really starting from scratch and you don’t consider yourself computer/internet savvy, don’t be afraid. We can walk you through this from start to finish and help you understand the process.

If you have an existing website that is now dated and does not have the edit-ability and functionality you desire, we can take appropriate content from the site and put it into an updated site.


How do we unlearn unproductive habits… “It is not so much knowledge that we need, but rather inspiration to feel again the breath of the spirit.”

Websites produced by Holger

I started building commercial websites in 1997 in Berlin. I am still fascinated by the idea of creating something that is instantly available around the globe. While technology becomes more complex my recognition of the functioning of mind, habit and productivity becomes more subtle and significant.


Lush 5×7 Greeting Cards, folded, with envelope in clear sleeve for $2. Local Photography by Holger Hubbs. Homegrown in Pacific Grove: Beth, Holger & Tessa.

Photography by Holger

Preferably candid in natural light…

Project Inquiry :: First Contact

Welcome. The following is not an exam or a contract, rather a playful way to get acquainted. // click…


Inga Sheveleva (ink on silk), Monterey Peninsula, California.