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What are you working on right now?

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Do not waste time merely wishing for things to get better.

The whole world is doing this and so no one is really happy. We miss the true life. In fact, happiness arises when you stop chasing for something other than your own pure nature. And this happiness remains with you…


Turning water into wine.

Water symbolizes the psychological life. In the second chapter of John, the story is told of Jesus filling the stone jars with water. Now, stone is the symbol…

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Are We Really Honest With Ourselves

Quote: I believe that if we are honest with ourselves, that the most fascinating problem in the world is “who am I?” What do you mean? What do you feel when you say the word “I, myself”? I don’t think there can be anymore fascinating preoccupation than that because it is so mysterious. It is so elusive. Because what you are in your inmost being escapes your examination in rather the same way you can’t look into your own eyes without a mirror…